The One Place You Shouldn’t Cuddle Your Dog...In The Shower

The One Place You Shouldn’t Cuddle Your Dog...In The Shower

We all love our pets, don’t get me wrong, but there are some places that they just don’t belong-like the shower. Now if you don’t take regular showers with your pet, good for you! But they may be joining you in another way...

Many hygiene companies prioritize fragrance rich chemicals, rich dyes, and cheap preservatives to get a great looking product that boosts up their profits. But, these chemicals come at the cost of cruel animal testing and immoral practices. The primary reason for these tests is because many of these chemicals are experimental, so they are tested on animals as a means to see their effects on skin. Worse of all, even after chemicals turn out to be proven carcinogens and hurt the animal they were tested on, they can still end up in your soap if the effects “aren’t too extreme.” This means companies are creating man-made chemicals, using animals as experiments, and then passing off cancer causing ingredients into your soap without you even noticing. (If you’d like to open your eyes, check out our blog What’s Really In Your Soap?).

But at Health 2 Humanity, we aren’t just about humans- we want health for all living things. Health 2 Animal-ity just didn’t sound as good. That’s why all of our products are PETA Certified Cruelty Free, meaning none of our ingredients have ever, are ever, or will ever be tested on animals. And why would they need to be? You could probably find most of our ingredients in your own kitchen!

Feeling like your hands are dirty? Clean them up, the cruelty free way, with Bars of Hope.

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