Entrepreneur Spotlight: Hezron Maina Njeri

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Hezron Maina Njeri

Hezron is really the heart of H2H as our first entrepreneur to take on the challenge of building his own hygiene business. 

Here is his story:

Hezron Maina Njeri is 23 years old and lives in the community of Nyeri, Kenya. He grew up here with his mother and his brother, but unfortunately, his father wasn’t around much. Then, when Hez was still little, his mother passed away unexpectedly from a rapidly infectious disease. He and his brother were then taken to Tumaini Children’s home, where he inherited over 200 additional brothers and sisters. At Tumaini, Hezron attended classes and got three meals a day, an improvement from his life at home.

He worked incredibly hard in school, remained persistent, and ended up earning a college scholarship to continue his education. However, upon graduating from college with a well earned degree, Kenya’s incredibly high unemployment rate of over 40% left him out of options to find a job. This is when he met H2H’s founder, John Cefalu, in the summer of 2013.

The two really hit it off, both determined to make a difference in the world and open up opportunities for people who wanted to join in making this world a better place. So, in May of 2014, John returned to Tumaini, but this time, with a team behind him to help set up the first international Health 2 Humanity micro-business.

Hezron, along with his team of new entrepreneurs, took their business to new heights right off the bat. Continuing on his path of determination and growth, Hezron has grown into a true business professional and community leader. He has singlehandedly donated over 17,000 bars of soap to his community, sold over 5,000, and has helped create 7 jobs in his original Kenya location. He has also been promoted to VP of International affairs and gone on to set up 12 other businesses throughout Kenya, Uganda, and Ghana, creating 35 new jobs in those communities who have circulated over 70,000 hygiene products in total.

This is not to say Hez has gone without hardship, as his brother, the only living family member left, was shot in a firing accident last year. Even through this tragedy, Hezron has continued to push himself to new heights and enhance the wellbeing of his community through spreading entrepreneurial opportunity. Hezron is a true testament of what hard work, determination, and purpose can turn into if simply granted the opportunity to embark on the journey of pursuing one’s own potential.

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