Being A Young, Female Entrepreneur in 2017

Being A Young, Female Entrepreneur in 2017

Today’s world is a very polarizing place to live in, and with an overwhelming abundance of opinions flooding in across every social media platform, news station, and radio show, it can be a bit confusing to figure out what your own voice is really trying to say- what you really think- what you really believe.

Lucky for me, I knew at a young age that I wanted to help people, whatever that meant. At 18, I was fortunate enough embark on the journey of starting my own organization, Health 2 Humanity, and build it into a symbol of something much more powerful than help: hope.

Hope is authentic to each individual. It stems out of your own passion, your own desire, and your own belief that what you want most in life is attainable. This message has become the backbone of H2H. Traveling around to destitute regions of the world where wads of toilet paper serve as soccer balls and the same tub of water can bathe a whole schoolyard of children- where running from the LRA in the night and watching your family be taken in front of you- where education is withheld if you can’t meet a certain hygiene standard- these are the areas where H2H’s message of hope thrives. We’ve been fortunate enough to spread this message to 35 go-getters that have taken it by the horns and started up their very own H2H micro-businesses, 13 to date, that have been able to circulate over 70,000 bars of soap into their communities.

This is the story of hope that H2H was built upon.

However, there’s another name for hope that I’ve had thrown at me left and right from day one: naivety. “You don’t know what you’re doing.” “You’re too young to start a business.” “Do you know how hard it is out there?” “Business is a man’s world, hunny.” “You need to get your head out of the clouds and focus on something real.” “Shouldn’t you be focused on settling down with a husband and thinking about kids?”

Like I said, today’s world if overflowing with opinions that seem to come out of nowhere, yet are present everywhere. Life is filled with challenges, and they look different for all of us. Ranging from your hygiene, to your income, to your gender, the nay sayers are always going to try to get their two cents in.

But holding onto our dreams, holding onto our passions, holding onto our hope, that’s what Health 2 Humanity symbolizes. Whether that’s here in the U.S. or across the globe. The belief that with enough will, enough drive, and enough hope, we will change the world. Hope is the single factor that will transform the “I Will’s” into the “I Did’s.”

Kianna Estenson, CCO & Co-Founder

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